Master the 7 STEPS required to rewire your management style.  

Learn how to accelerate your career and embrace a human rather than an old and outdated robotic management style.

Mark explains how he did it and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

The NUMBER 1 way to kick-start lasting behavioural change 

7 STEPS that will transform your management effectiveness

The KEY SKILLS that drive employee engagement and business results

6 MANAGEMENT STYLES that can massively impact, influence and change employee relationships

Mark LeBusque - Author

About Mark LeBusque

Mark LeBusque is a Harvard Trained consultant who works to unlock human potential. He helps build leadership capabilities and human or “soft’ skills such as self-awareness, resilience, empathy, vulnerability, verbal and non-verbal communication

Organisations engage Mark when the truth has gone missing, individuals and teams are working below their potential or there is a need to bring a more human approach to their business. 

Mark builds an environment where the conversations that really matter can happen by creating tension whilst allowing participants to feel safe to speak their truth. 

A highly successful mentor, business and life coach. He helps a broad range of clients from employees, and frontline team leaders to senior executives. 

Mark has two decades of experience in the business world as a successful leader in sales, operational, human resources and general management roles. 

With experience working across four Australian States managing teams from 5 to 600 people. He has helped a broad range of clients in both the private and government sectors with an approach that is relevant and flexible for all.  

Providing a unique combination of human led management with technical expertise. For the benefit of all.

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